Who is making money from your data?

It should be you

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Thousands of companies are making billions of dollars selling our personal data -- without our consent or compensation.

Companies are paying for everything from our names and those of our families and children, our addresses and phone numbers, our financial and credit data, internet clicks, shopping histories, medical records, houses and cars, government and tax records, our location and much more.  Facebook 2012 revenue? $5 Billion in advertising. Did they share any of that with you? And now Facebook is combining your consumer data with your Facebook history and soon will be selling 500 different ad package categories!

You should be paid for your data. By joining us, you will:

  1. Establish legal rights to own your data.
  2. Create a safe depository to store and edit your data.
  3. Hire the agent to market your data.
  4. Open an account to accept profits, with easy access to funds received.
  5. Get a link to additional privacy through the new "Do Not Track Registry" ®  

By joining, you take control of your data, your location and your privacy. There's really only one way to do this - you must exercise your constitutional property rights in your data and identity. Not only are you losing your data, you've offered up the history of everywhere you've traveled (with your cellphone). The ACLU says this is wrong! You must take action to achieve privacy and get your property back.

As a member, your data will be pooled, packaged and marketed with data from others. Because MoneyForMyData.com will offer the first user-defined and user-permissioned data, it will have the highest accuracy and value of any data on the market. Our patent-pending business methods will allow us to require compensation when our data is used or sold -- and members will be paid, potentially hundreds of dollars a year

Join us . . . MEMBERSHIP IS FREE and we'll guide you in taking ownership and control of your data, creating expectation that will be honored by the courts and assuring that you receive the value your data is worth. 

Individually our data is worth little or nothing. It is when we combine our data and package and market it together that true worth is realized. So tell your friends to join, too.

Member Benefits

You can have property rights and ownership of your personal data.